Your Hair Beauty, Our Duty

A comb is a tool with a shaft and a row of teeth that is used to pull through hair and sweep, untangle, or style it. Combs have been used since ancient times, with highly refined shapes found in communities dating back five thousand years. paste (hair) with or as if with a comb: scoured her hair with a braid; combed his skin with his fingertips b. Using a raking motion to drive around or across: The wheat fields were combed by the storm.

Paddle Brush is a brush with a rectangular head that promotes blood supply across the scalp. It’s suitable for medium to long hair and will help you untangle it. The Quill Brush is a circular or rectangular brush with an oval head that cuddles the scalp and distributes the hair color oils. The beauty comb works well on hair with a medium density or texture. From roller sets to braiding, the tail is used to detach and segment the hair for different grooming methods.

If you just use your fingertips to detangle your hair, it can get more twisted over time. Fingers will only untangle too many, and several threads can stay tangled around each other until you’re finished.   Your hair can get significantly tangled when it dries if you shower out without plaiting or spinning in a zero-comb routine. If you just detangle your hair with your hands, it will become more tangled over time. Fingers will only untangle too many strings until they get intertwined again, and many threads can become tangled around one another before you’re done. If you wash before plaiting or rotating your hair in a null method, your hair will get very messy as it dries.

Dry hair styles should be shampooed no more than twice per week, while oily hair types should need to be washed on a regular basis. If your hair is normal and does not suffer from dryness or oiliness, you can wash it anytime you want. When the hair is muddy, it becomes softer, more elastic, and more prone to breakage. Often, avoid brushing your hair when it’s hot. Function from the ends of your hair up, use a broad comb. Allow your hair to air dry for at least 125 percent of time before using a hair dryer.